Luminous offers you professional line production services in Asia. We simply believe in hiring experienced & talented line producers to help facilitate your production queries including locations, casting, equipment, post-production facilities, telecine, processing and anything else that you need to know even if its not business related.


Luminous was established in 2008 by an experienced executive producer, Karen De Silva, who has worked with multiple international advertising agencies and established production companies in Kuala Lumpur before she decided to take off with Luminous. 

Karen, has a whole string of international awards behind her name and believes in producing creative work with a colourful edge, while having fun at it.

Luminous is known internationally for producing quality work and to help producers from around the world facilitate their every need, stress free. 

We offer film production knowledge that only comes from experience and dedication to the art of storytelling, turning your vision into reality. 

Luminous is a production company where everyone can call home.